Monday, 16 March 2015

Brushing My Pony

Miss C absolutely adores horse riding. She only goes once a fortnight just now but from the moment her lesson finishes to the next lesson begins, Miss C is thinking about and talking about how much she loves going.

We've started going to her lesson a bit earlier. She rides at 11am and we've been getting there for about 10:30. It isn't a far drive; less than 10 minutes and we are there but Miss C loves to go in early because the girls have taken a shining to her and love letting her help out with the horses. And Miss C loves to help, especially when it comes to her pony Jock.

Yesterday we took some apple to the stables with us and gave a piece to each horse. Of course, Jock got the most cause he is Miss C's best horse friend. She went in to his stall cause she can't reach up to feed him at his door. Jock was straight over to see her cause he loves apple. She gave him two bits and was about to come out when he started rubbing his head on her shoulder as if to say "more apple please!" It was so cute. She had to give him some more after that.

Then she got to brush him. Jock stood so beautifully and looked so relaxed getting brushed. I had to video them.

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