Saturday, 21 March 2015

Conquering His Everest #CountryKids

Feeling fed up with being stuck indoors, we decided to take advantage of a dry day and head to a nearby park. It's about 15 minutes in the car and the kids love it. Z especially loves this park because he can climb everything! He has become fearless at his grand age of almost 8.

We met up with a friend and her son and the kids ran to the park, full of energy. Poor Husband was feeling rotten but he still manned up for the trip and helped Z conquer his first climb.

Meanwhile, Miss C and my friend's son decide they were going to conquer the slide.

The park was quite busy. I think most of the people there had had the same idea as us. The fresh air was great and the kids loved running around and waiting patiently for the next turn.

Miss C loved the tyre-swing.

And of course, her firm favourite, the regular swings. 

Meanwhile, Z decided he was going to conquer his next Everest...

Husband managed to stay out for an hour and then headed back to the car for a sleep. The kids played on for another 30 minutes. It started to get pretty cold so we called it a day but we were all feeling refreshed and energised after a good play at the park. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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