Sunday, 1 March 2015

Lazy Days and Chocolate Brownies

Sometimes, because we are so busy during the week, we just need a little chill out time at the weekend. We need to have two days where we don't do anything much except relax in the house and enjoy each others company.

That's what we did this weekend and it was great.

So, our weekends don't stop and stand still completely; Z has karate, Miss C has horse riding and they both have swimming lessons on a Sunday. Aside from those, we spent all of Saturday in the house.

Whilst Husband and Miss C got on with making her castle for her school project, Z read his Beano comic and I baked brownies. We love eating brownies and the recipe I used this time made them extra gooey and chocolatey!

The kids asked if they could have burgers in buns for dinner so I obliged and make chips and a salad to go along with the burger. They gobbled it all up!

After dinner, we got in to our jammies and watched Night at the Museum together. The kids had never seen it before and both of them were engrossed. We had some crisps and our brownies as movie snacks.

Once the movie had finished, it was off to bed for the kids. We were all ready for an early night to recharge the batteries.

It's simple days like these that I love with my little family.

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