Friday, 20 March 2015

Me & You #15

We braved a trip to the park with the kids when Husband was feeling a bit under the weather. He looked a bit grey in the face and didn't do much but it was very much appreciated by us that he was there. It's great when we do things the four of us. Z did a great job taking this photo of us using my DSLR.

Husband and I had gotten in to the routine of watching Take Me Out on a Saturday night but sadly it finished a few weekends ago. It was great sitting on the couch together, trying to work out which couples would get on and which ones wouldn't. We even watched Take Me Out: The Gossip on ITV2. Rock and roll Saturdays for us! But it's what we enjoy doing and we're spending time together whilst doing it.

Now our Saturdays consist of Masterchef. We both love Masterchef and we both end up hungry before, during and after it. We watched the first few episodes after our Chinese meal and One Direction DVD on Saturday.

We have some exciting nights out planned for our Saturdays in April but until then, we're enjoying our date nights with some yummy treats and some TV.

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