Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mothers #TheGallery

This is a photo of my Sister and I. It's not a great quality photo since it was taken in poor lighting and Husband was a bit tipsy. Anyways, we were getting ready to head out for my birthday night out last year and we were feeling a bit merry.

I chose this photo because my Sister and I are both mothers now. It's really strange to say that given that my Sister still looks about 12 and when we are together, it takes me back to the days when we were growing up and traumatising our own mother. In fact, my poor mother was traumatised that night when we had to help my Sister in to bed. But that's not my story to share...

As sisters, we are very different. We often joke that my Sister has more in common with Husband than I do. As mothers though, I think we are quite similar. We both love our children unconditionally. We both would put our children before our husband/partner and definitely before us. We discipline our children in the same way. We encourage, praise and recognise that our children need to be their own little person. Of course, we are similar mothers because we share the same mother and learnt all we know about being mothers from her.

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