Monday, 9 March 2015

Planting with the Kids

Almost two weeks ago I received some herbs and a Lechuza self-watering planter so the kids and I could plant the herbs and watch them grow in our kitchen. I quite fancy having a little greenhouse where we can grow all sorts of fruit, vegetables and herbs so this was a great idea for us to try and see if we could keep the herbs alive. I managed to kill a cactus once so my track record with plants isn't good.

The planter was really easy to put together. Husband had it built and ready to plant within a few minutes. The kids got stuck in putting in the Miracle Gro soil and helping Husband place the herbs in sections around the planter.

Then it was time to put water inside the planter. It has a gauge at the side where you can check to see how much water is left. Once the red level drops to the bottom, it's time to put some more water in. Something like that would have been handy for me and my cactus.

We've got some brilliant herbs in there; rosemary, sage, chives, thyme and parsley to name a few. My Grandma gave them all a good sniff to identify them for us cause we weren't sure on some of them and they didn't come with labels. The kids had fun planting the herbs and it's a great idea to have plants in the house to grow and then use in our meals.

The planter is a great size but it isn't ideal for my window because it is so big. Hopefully we can move it outside once the better weather comes in.

We received the Lechuza planter for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

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