Sunday, 15 March 2015

Playing Games

During the week, we have a pretty set routine. We don't have much time together because the kids are at school, Husband works long hours and I'm doing 27 hours a week between college and placement. That's a lot compared to what I was doing when I was working part time. The week is filled with homework, college work, house work and work work. We have hardly any time to do fun things.

So at the weekend we make the most of our time together. I'm so glad I don't work weekends anymore and will never (hopefully never anyways) have to work a weekend again once I'm qualified. I love having the full weekend with the kids. We can chill out and enjoy spending time together. 

Last weekend, the kids wanted to play some games. We have cupboards filled with board games, puzzles and jigsaws and I love going through them and picking one out to play. The kids decided on Operation and the honey pot game from ELC. 

We have the Buzz Lightyear Operation (because we love Disney!) and it's really fun to play with the kids. Miss C couldn't watch as Z took his turn. She was scared incase he set the alarm off! 

The honey pot game we have had since Z was a toddler. It's a bit like Kerplunk but with bees instead of balls. It takes an age to set up and then about a minute to play but it's a lot of fun and the kids love it.

Miss C kept her eyes open this time even though she was still anxious not to let any bees fall whether it was her turn or Z's turn.

I think I'll need to make a board game or two a more regular thing at the weekend for the kids. They had so much fun and there wasn't an argument once! 

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