Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Week That Was #10

Last Sunday, Miss C had me up early for horse riding. It was pouring with rain but that didn't stop us. Miss C had a brilliant lesson, riding her favourite boy Jock. After horse riding, we came home for lunch and Husband took the kids to the local climbing wall. Miss C did brilliantly! Last stop for our busy Sunday was swimming lessons. I was exhausted and the kids were exhausted. A quick bowl of pasta with pesto and creme fraiche and it was time for bed.

On Monday, it was back to school and college. Thankfully the rain and hail held off long enough for me to walk to college but it was miserable the rest of the day. Husband picked me up and the kids and I had chicken korma for dinner. We talked about our day and Miss C decided she wanted to read me her school book at bed time. She did really well.

On Tuesday, I didn't have to go in to college until 11:15 so I had some time to do bit of work at home. It did mean the college day went in a bit quicker than normal. I collected Z and Miss C from my friend's house and found Miss C had two plasters on; one for each knee. She had fallen and grazed her knees during lunch time. It took awhile in the shower but we eventually convinced her to let us take the plasters off so we could wash her knees and put some magic cream (Savlon) on them.

On Wednesday, it was placement day for me. Husband came home from work feeling annoyed because he had fallen off his motorbike. He'd gone over some black ice and the bike came out from under him. He was fine, thankfully, and the bike wasn't too badly damaged. The roads were deceiving as were the pavements so it took us a bit longer to walk to school. It dried up and it was a beautiful day meaning the kids were able to play outside when they got home from school. Miss C was also very happy to receive some Hatch'n Heroes toys from Bandai.

On Thursday, it was World Book Day. Miss C wanted to dress up as Hermione from Harry Potter and Z wanted to dress up as Dennis the Menace. There were lots of fantastic costumes in the school car park. My friend dropped the kids off home after school and we sat and had snack together and chatted about what their friends were wearing and what books they read. Z played outside with our next door neighbour's grandson before dinner. He's loving that the afternoons are lighter so he can play football.

On Friday, Miss C and Z were up early, dressed and ready for school just so they could have a shot of the new table football game we received to review. It gave me peace to do my housework though which was great! I spent the afternoon doing college reports which made my head burst but needs must. Husband took the afternoon off work as we had to go to the dentist. In the evening, I took Z to his Karate class and Miss C stayed home with Daddy to watch Gremlins 2.

On Saturday, Husband took Z to Karate for his grading for his blue belt. After lunch, GG arrived for a visit and then my Brother-in-law popped over. It was a busy house for most of the day. The kids went outside to help Husband with our planter and herbs whilst I got on with the ironing. It was quite a chilled out day despite so many visitors.

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