Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Week That Was #11

Last Sunday, after a pretty late night to bed, Husband and I were shattered when the kids woke up at 7am! They played quietly until 8 and then I got up to get their breakfast. Husband had a busy day of fixing his bike and fitting a security light to the house. The kids and I chilled out for most of the day only venturing outside when the weather was better and the washing needed collecting from the tumble dryer. The kids had swimming lessons and both of them did very well.

On Monday, it was back to school and college for us. College went in quite quickly and I got my first part of my graded unit back. It was marked and I'm on track for an A. I just need to get the marks in my next two reports and I'll finish the course with an A. I need a B to be able to progress to the next year of the degree so finding out I'm on track for an A is amazing. I just need to keep working hard.

On Tuesday, Miss C had an upset tummy which meant a day off school for her. It also meant a day off college for me so I could stay at home with her. I let her watch a few movies and she played with her Playmobil toys and I managed to get some college work done. By 2.30 we were ready to get out for some fresh air so we got ready and headed to school to pick up Z. He was excited because his group got picked to go to the final of the school's talent contest. We had dinner and then the kids played outside as it was still quite sunny.

On Wednesday, Miss C was still unwell so Husband took a day off work to look after her so I could get to placement. By the time I got home, she was feeling much better. We had dinner, the kids played outside and Husband enjoyed not having to be at work for the day. By bed time, Miss C was coughing and spluttering so much that she threw up a bit. After that she slept soundly.

On Thursday, Miss C was feeling much better and couldn't wait to go back to school especially as she got to take her castle project with her. I went to placement where it rained all day. I was soaked by the time I got home! The kids played Minecraft and I got on with some jobs.

On Friday, it was my day off and I was so looking forward to it. I got stuck in to my college work and carried on right through until 9:30pm. Of course, I did have a few breaks. I picked the kids up from school and we had pizza for dinner. Z went off to his Friday club with his best friend and Miss C watched Pocahontas with Husband. He wasn't feeling too good so he headed to bed for an early night.

On Saturday, I was up early to take Z to karate. Miss C and I stayed to watch him. After karate and after lunch, we met up with a friend and her son at the park. It was freezing cold but it was dry and the kids (and us) needed the fresh air. Husband was feeling awful but he came along too. The kids had a great time running around, playing on the swings and climbing things. After the park, we came home to put Husband to bed and the kids played Minecraft. We decided to order Chinese for dinner and watch some movies.

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