Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Week That Was #9

Last Sunday, we had a bit of a lazy day at home. The full day wedding had drained Husband and I so it was a very welcomed and much needed lazy day. Z was off to his best friend's birthday party; a day of laser tag and bowling. Miss C decided to have a sneaky shot of Minecraft whilst her brother was away. We watched a bit of TV, did some jigsaws and just enjoyed having nothing to do. It was great!

On Monday, it was back to school and college for us. The rain and wind held off long enough for us to make it to our separate destinations. It was a pretty full on day for me and by 2.30pm, during a talk on interview techniques, I was almost asleep. I was doing that whole head dropping thing. Husband came to pick me up as it was freezing and wet. The kids and I caught up  on our days and had stovies for tea.

On Tuesday, another full day of college awaited me. The rain battered off the windows which kept me awake for most of the day. We had a really interesting class on behaviour and parenting styles. Husband picked me up again as it was still pouring at tea time. The kids were delighted they got to play Minecraft for a little while before dinner.

On Wednesday, it was placement day. The day went in pretty quickly but I came home feeling unwell and ready for bed. The kids told me all about their day at school. Miss C drew a picture of a horse for me and Z enjoyed reading his latest issue of The Beano. After dinner, we watched a bit of TV before heading to bed. Z's tooth fell out so we made sure it was under his pillow, ready for the tooth fairy to visit.

On Thursday, it was day two of placement. Again the day went in quickly but I was feeling drained and my throat was killing me when I got home. Z went outside to play football whilst the rain held off. Miss C enjoyed some Wotsits for snack. They don't get crisps very often so they really savour them when they do.

On Friday, it was my day off. The usual duties for Friday were done and then I got on with some college work but I found it tough to get in to. Reports on poverty and substance abuse weren't filling me with joy! After school, the kids had friends over to play and they all had a great time. They had pizza for tea and played Minecraft together. Z and his friend headed off to their Friday club and Miss C's friend got picked up to go home. Miss C was so upset! She stayed home to watch Tangled whilst sharing my pizza with me. I took delivery of some herbs and plants as part of a review we're doing.

On Saturday, we were up early for Karate. When we got home, Miss C and Husband started work on her castle project for school whilst I made chocolate brownies. We had lunch and then spent the afternoon chilling out. The weather was miserable!

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