Friday, 17 April 2015

Happy Birthday: Turning Four

I still remember when my Sister told me she was pregnant back in 2010. I wasn't shocked but I think I was a bit surprised to find out my younger sister was pregnant. Of course I was pleased for her too. I knew she'd make a great mum.

I still remember the first visit to see my niece a few weeks after she was born. Miss C was the last baby I had held before I held Miss K. She was so tiny compared to Miss C, who was about to turn two and I really couldn't remember Miss C or Z being as small as her even though they were.

The last time we saw Miss K was when we were on holiday in Blackpool. My Sister and Miss K, along with Bella and Pops, came over for a day visit. The kids had a brilliant time playing together and going swimming. They laughed a lot, just like we did whenever we visited our cousins.

Today, Miss K turns 4. We don't see her often because they stay so far away but when we do see her, she's a hoot. Z thinks she is hilarious and I can see them being the ones to cause mischief on any holidays we do as they grow up.

Happy birthday Miss K! Hope you have a wonderful day! 

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