Sunday, 12 April 2015

Loving Horses and Being Independent

When the opportunity for Miss C to attend an Easter loan at horse riding came up, I decided to go for it. For £90 for the week, Miss C would have her own horse to look after from 8:30am until 4pm. She would have the chance to ride her horse twice a day and learn about mucking out the horses, feeding them and grooming them.

On Monday, it was Miss C's first day at pony camp. She was really excited and up very early, eager to get going.

Her horse for the week was Sonny. He's about 7 years old so a young thing compared to her usual horse, Jock, who is 33. Sonny is also bigger than Jock although he's still a pony so we knew Miss C would be fine on him.

When I picked Miss C up on the first day, she didn't want to leave. If she could have gotten away with sleeping in the Sonny's stall, with him as a pillow and his rug as a blanket, she would have. She slept pretty well at home that night.

Miss C learnt so much from being at pony camp. She was in Sonny's stall as soon as I dropped her off, picking up his feed bucket, checking his water and hay net and grooming him. When I left, she would help the big girls muck out. It has definitely taught her how much work goes in to keeping a horse!

After their morning ride, the kids would have their lunch and get to play together. Not only has pony camp been great for Miss C to learn more about her beloved horses, she's made some new friends. They climbed up the hay bales, ran in the fields and helped each other with their respective ponies.

Pony camp has been fantastic for Miss C and I'll definitely let her go again. She has grown in confidence just by being around people who share the same love for horses that she does. I can't wait to see how much her riding has improved too.

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