Thursday, 30 April 2015

Me & Mine 2015 - April

April. The month of Easter and lots of chocolate. Also the month for half term holidays and fun in the sun.

One thing we've been loving recently is getting in to our jammies, grabbing some sweets and crisps and cuddling up together on the couch to watch Britain's Got Talent on a Saturday night. It's a whole different way to spend a Saturday night compared with when we didn't have kids. I kind of prefer it really.

I've enjoyed having two weeks off college and placement. I really felt like I needed the break as the work has been constant and demanding. I've coped well with it but it was nice to have some time off and not have to worry about getting up early to do the school run and then get to college or placement. I loved taking Miss C to pony camp in the first week of the holidays. She was so excited every morning to get there.

Husband has been loving that Game of Thrones started back up this month. It's not my cup of tea but he loves it. He's also been enjoying a few poker nights at a local pub and has a big competition at the beginning of May where the prize is £4000! I'm hoping he wins it for the holiday fund!

Z enjoyed his two week break and probably needed it just as much as I did. He works so hard at school and the amount of homework he gets is unreal. He was so excited that they didn't have homework the week before or the week after the holidays. Z had Karate camp during the first week of the holidays and the second week was spent with his best friend. They went to the cinema and also enjoyed a few games of badminton.

Miss C was in her element during the holidays when she went to pony camp. I think she would have stayed there forever if she could. She wasn't afraid of getting dirty or helping with the horses. Her riding has come on so much. She managed to hold on very tight recently when a cheeky Jocky decided he'd had enough waiting around. She just needs to get a bit bigger so she is stronger with them.

May is an exciting month for us as Miss C turns 6! 

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