Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Shared Parental Leave - All You Need To Know

When I came home from hospital after having Z and then again after having Miss C, I was so grateful of the paternity leave Husband was able to take. With Z, I was exhausted and overwhelmed and Husband was on hand to take Z for a bath or a cuddle so I could have a nap. He helped me with the housework, made cups of tea for the many visitors and made me my dinner. When Miss C came along, he was on hand to take Z for a bath, read him his story at bedtime, take him to the park to play and entertain Miss C for 5 minutes whilst I grabbed a shower.

The two weeks paternity leave flew by and whilst I was happy to get myself in to a routine and enjoy 9 months away from work to spend with my babies, I know that given the opportunity, Husband would have liked to take some more time off to bond with his children. 

On 5th of April 2015, new legislation came in to force around parental leave. This means that eligible parents can now split the parental leave where they can take time off together (more than the two weeks available for paternity leave) and enjoy the time as a family. Citrix GoToMeeting have produced a great infographic on how the changes with affect families which you can read on their blog. 

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