Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Sibling Moments #16

We're enjoying the second week of our half term holiday. Spending time with these two has been great. Before I stopped working, during a holiday I'd have to leave them in the morning and head to work or put them to bed and head to work. Either way, it was no fun. 

During the first week of the holidays, the kids spent their days at their respective camps. Z had Karate camp and Miss C had pony camp. Z's camp was only on for three hours so it meant he was able to come along to pick Miss C up from pony camp where she spent 7 full hours at. 

Miss C loved showing her brother around the stables and introducing him to the horses. Z isn't too keen on them but he was a good sport and went in to the horse's stall to see him and clap him. He didn't stay in too long though as the smell was putting him off. I think Miss C is immune to it just as I am. 

When they came to this fence as we were leaving the school, Z climbed up and straight over it and Miss C followed suit. She is getting so brave, just like her big brother. 

dear beautiful

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