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The Best Gifts for Champagne Lovers

Champagne is a wonderful drink. If you want to impress somebody, you can make an unforgettable luxury gift. For example, you can present a nice bottle of sparkling wine - Lanson Champagne (Brut, Rose, Black Label – whatever suits the person you want to impress!)

When thinking of a good quality bottle of bubbly that won’t break the bank, make sure you consider Champagne Lanson. Lanson have been making champagne for years, and while sipping a glass of this sparkling wine, you will be able to touch the rich history of the best alcohol throughout the world.

Black Label Brut is the most famous beverage of this brand line. It won the first prize at the Wine Challenge exhibition in 2000.

The flirty pink bottle of Lanson Rose Label includes red wine which gives the drink a unique red colour. This is an ideal choice for meetings or quiet family holidays.

Lanson Ivory Label boasts the aroma of honey, fruit and cinnamon; its original flavor is the best surprise for female champagne lovers.

Here are a few simple tips for selecting such a gift. Using these guidelines, you can easily find and buy an original and unforgettable gift for lovers of champagne.

If you are looking for a gift for important dates, then order champagne in a stylish gift box. Original design immediately sets a romantic mood and gives a special solemn sound.

Put a bottle of red and white wine in a beautiful box tied with a ribbon. Add some chocolates or a small piece of beautifully packaged cheese. It is not necessary to buy expensive packaging - you can use bamboo boxes or even a rough jute sack.

An original corkscrew can serve as a good gift. Measure the temperature of your sparkling wine and enjoy its maximum flavor with a special thermometer – attach it like a belt on the bottle and within minutes the digital display will show you the temperature. Such thermometer fits easily in a drawer and it will always be close at hand.

Another option for a gift is a tiny tray for food that fits over the finger like a ring. Now you can hold a snack and a glass in one hand, leaving the other one free. Moreover, such tiny trays can also be a topic to start a conversation - eat, drink and be merry!

A wine bottle holder is an ideal gift for picnics, barbecues in the backyard or outdoor concerts. A holder for bottles is a great solution for keeping your open bottle in place while you relax in the open air. Being made of durable stainless steel, this holder fits easily into the ground, while its spiral cylinder firmly holds the bottle in place. No more leaks of wine during the picnic!

Hopefully, these tips will help you choose a fabulous gift for champagne lovers.

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