Monday, 13 April 2015

The Week That Was #15

Last Sunday, I woke up at 8.30am despite going to my bed at almost 2am. And I didn't have kids to get up to and yet I was wide awake. I got up, put a washing on and cleaned the floors. I did some ironing, Husband made me a bacon sandwich for lunch and I lay out in the sun. Husband had made plans to go out for a few games of snooker with his friends. The kids didn't get back until 3.30pm; just in time to leave for swimming lessons.

On Monday, it was the first day of pony camp for Miss C and she was up before 7am and she was dressed when she came through to wake me up. We had breakfast whilst Husband and Z were still in bed and then left for pony camp. I left her there and on the drive home, a stone hit my windscreen and cracked it. It was just a small crack but bigger than a 5p meaning Autoglass have to replace the full screen. First I was told they could come out that day and then 20 mins later they said they couldn't come out for another 2 weeks. Not great service! We enjoyed the sunshine and Z went outside to play with his football and ride his bike. I picked Miss C up at 4pm and she was having a great time with her pony, Sonny. She left his some water and his hay, ready for seeing him the next day.

On Tuesday, we dropped Miss C off at pony camp and then I dropped Z off at Karate camp. He was looking forward to a few hours of games and fun. I came home and got on with some jobs, had a coffee and had a chat with my Step-dad who is visiting at the moment. I picked Z up and we came home for his lunch. After lunch he asked if he could play his tablet for a little while so I agreed, given it is the holidays and all. We picked Miss C up at 4pm and she was covered in horse hair and sawdust shavings. She couldn't wait to show us how to groom Sonny.

On Wednesday, I dropped Miss C off at pony camp and dropped Z off at his friend's house so they could go to Karate camp together. When I came home, I decided to check over my college work and print it all off, ready to hand in when we go back on the 20th. I picked Z and his friend up after Karate and brought them home for lunch. They headed outside to play until we had to pick Miss C up from pony camp. They had fun climbing all the bales of hay which is something my cousins, sisters and I used to do on my Grandma's farm when we were younger.

On Thursday, after dropping the kids off at their respective camps, I headed home to do some cleaning. These holidays are really exciting for me! I picked Z and his friend up from Karate, they had lunch and then headed off to play football. I decided to tidy my front garden which didn't take too long as we have low maintenance gardens! We picked Miss C up from pony camp and she was having a great time in the hay bales again. She was also letting a horse give her a kiss on the head.

On Friday, it was the last day of pony camp for Miss C and the last day of Karate camp for Z. I dropped them off and then headed to the supermarket for my shopping. When I got home and put it all away, a cup of coffee and a croissant was in order. Z had another friend over to play after Karate. They played outside for a while and then decided it was time for some Minecraft. We picked Miss C up from pony camp. She had had another brilliant day. We had pizza for dinner and then watched a movie.

On Saturday, we were up early for Z's Karate class. He did a great job on his katas and was given a tab for his efforts. We spent the afternoon at a Crafty Cooks session for an article I'm writing for a local magazine. The kids had a great time making courgette cakes. We had our favourite meal of tarragon chicken for dinner and then watched Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

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