Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Week That Was #17

Last Sunday, Husband got up with the kids which meant I was able to lie in bed and a enjoy a cup of tea. It was a beautiful morning but it was nice to just relax and take my time getting up. The kids and I headed to the park to meet a friend after lunch and then headed to swimming lessons. When we got home, Husband had cooked a roast pork dinner and assembled the new trampoline. The kids were really excited!

On Monday, it was back to reality. The school run followed by a day at college. It was a quick day for us all and I got home before 4pm which was good. The kids were playing on the trampoline, enjoying the sunshine.

On Tuesday, it was day two of college for me. It felt pretty long because it was a beautiful day outside and we were stuck inside for most of it. I picked the kids up from my friend's house and they were enjoying the sunshine by playing on the trampoline in my friend's garden. When we got home, they went on our trampoline and carried on until bedtime, only stopping for dinner. I love our trampoline!

On Wednesday, it was a beautiful day which meant I spent a lot of time outside at my placement. After school, the kids played on the trampoline and then spent some time building the Bandai Sprukits they received to review. Z helped Miss C build Batman and then moved on to building a Halo Master Chief. They are aimed at age 8 and over but Z found the instructions quite easy to follow and manage to build Batman within 5 minutes.

On Thursday, it was another beautiful day. I got my washing out before we left for school and placement and when I got back, it was all dry! The kids decided they wanted to chill out on the sofa after having crackers and cheese for snack. I think the better weather means they are outside at school more so they feel pretty tired when they get home.

On Friday, I dropped the kids off at school and headed to the shops for my food shop. I came home, put it all away and got on with my college work. I managed to write the last part of my graded unit and write up my activities before I had to get the kids from school. Miss C wanted to watch How to Train your Dragon 2 after dinner and Z went to his Friday club. I watched the Masterchef Final and was delighted to see Simon win. He was my favourite.

On Saturday, I took Z to Karate and Autoglass (finally) came to fix my windscreen. After lunch Miss C had a Frozen themed party to attend at the local soft play. She had a great time with the girls from her class. After dinner, we settled on the couch to watch Britain's Got Talent.

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