Sunday, 5 April 2015

Trot, Canter, Jump

Miss C has been going to horse riding for well over a year now and she still loves it. She is getting braver and braver which might not be a good thing if she comes off the horse but it's great to see her wanting to try new things. It's the only way to learn I guess.

Last weekend, Miss C wanted to do more jumps...without holding on to her saddle. I made a short video of her and you'll see her take her hands off her saddle just before the jump. She's so brave.

Next week Miss C is going to pony camp for the full week. That's 5 days of horse riding, stable managements, grooming and caring for ponies and having lots of fun with kids who love horses just as much as she does. She can't wait! Sadly her best buddy Jocky was already booked for camp but she has another lovely pony called Sonny. With so much horse riding, I think we'll see a huge difference in her riding!

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