Wednesday, 29 April 2015

What Miss C's Been Wearing #8

Miss C had a Frozen themed party to attend at the weekend at the local soft play. Miss C decided she wanted to be the girl in black which was fine cause she hadn't had the chance to wear the dress she picked out before.

Her pose made me laugh so much. She's a mini model in the making, especially with the dress up shoes on. She wanted to wear these out but I said no and she changed in to her black patent shoes from Clarks before we left. However it gave me a flash forward to the days when Miss C will want to have a pair of high heels to go out in. Scary!

Her dress, cardigan and tights are all from good old Next. They always have lovely party dresses ranging in price from around £12 right up to almost £50 depending what you are after. This little dress was bought in the Christmas sale so I think it cost me around £7 which was a bargain. It has lovely flowery detail on the front. 

The jacket Miss C is wearing is from the F&F clothing range available at Tesco. Would you believe that Miss C has had this jacket since she was 1 and a half? My friend bought it for her in an age 2-3 and it still fits her. She's a petite thing our Miss C. 

I came across Ainsley's Bowtique on Facebook and found lots and lots of gorgeous hair accessories and they were really reasonable too. Miss C doesn't always wear hair bands but I chose a few, including this one, to add to her collection. It's really pretty and broke up all the black Miss C was wearing. 

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