Monday, 25 May 2015

A First Family Football Game

On Saturday, the sun was shining which had me very excited and relieved because we were heading to watch our first football match. Z was especially excited because he loves football and has been asking to go and watch a real life game for awhile.

Originally it was just supposed to be Z and Husband going but then Miss C decided she wanted to go which meant I felt obligated to go along too. I didn't mind really as I quite enjoy watching a good game of football. Not that I understand it much; I just know you have to get the ball in the goal and do that as many times as possible.

It was quite busy when we arrived at the grounds and there was a fun day on for the kids before kick-off. The kids had fun playing with toys and dancing for prizes. Miss C got her face painted like a lion. When it was time to go and get our seats, we managed to get really good ones so we could see everything. Z and his friend were pretty hyper at this point.

Miss C, whom I was worried would become bored and restless, absolutely loved it. She was cheering the team on and shouting, "wake up boys!" when the team weren't doing too good. Z and his friend really enjoyed the match although they were pretty disappointed when they lost. And I really enjoyed myself as I managed to enjoy some sunbathing whilst cheering the team on. You really do get quite in to the game!

I made a vlog of the day which you can watch below.

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