Thursday, 28 May 2015

A Letter to my Six Year Old

Dear Miss C,

Today you turn 6 which is more than half way to 10 and that scares me. It is frightening just how quickly you are growing up and I think you have done a fair bit of growing in this last year.

You transitioned from nursery girl to school girl really well. You quickly made new friends even though you were placed in a class with all boys from your nursery session and no girls you knew already. I need not have worried as you quickly made lots of new friends including Miss L who is your best friend. Although, you did already know her from swimming lessons. I love that you have chosen your own friends for yourself, just as your brother did when he first started school.

You adore horse riding and since starting there a year and a half ago, your confidence has never faltered. You get straight on your horse and off you go. There have been a few scary moments when you've come off a horse but you weren't fazed and got straight back on. You even told the horse off. Pony camp was probably your most favourite week of the year so far. You got to spend a whole week with a horse called Sonny and you learnt all about stable management and mucking out the horses. You were definitely in your element that week.

You are still are really cuddly girl who loves nothing more than cuddling up with someone on the couch. I wonder sometimes if this is because you know you are the baby of the family or if you will always be the cuddly one. You give the biggest and most tightest hugs and you always says "love you, sweet dreams!" at bedtime. You always have to take a million teddies to bed with you too!

Your favourite thing to eat is definitely pasta. It doesn't matter what kind of pasta dish you have, it's always the dinner you eat the quickest. Followed by sweeties. You love sweeties.

Z and you are often the best of friends but you do have your moments. Z likes to wind you up; he knows just what buttons to press to get you to scream blue murder at him. But it never last long and you are back to being great friends after a few minutes. Your favourite thing to do together is a toss up between Minecraft on Xbox or playing tickle-fest on the trampoline.

This next year is going to be another big one for you as you move in to primary 2 after the school holidays. You won't be in the youngest group in the year at school any more! You are also super excited to go on your first long haul flight to Florida. I know you are going to be absolutely taken in with the magic of Disney and I'm glad because I worry that you're going to grow up too quickly and the magic will soon be lost.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday princess and an equally wonderful year being 6!

We love you lots and lots!

All my love, forever and always,

Mummy xxx+o

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