Thursday, 21 May 2015

Getting an A on my Graded Unit

September saw me start the journey of mature student life. It was tough. It was an eye-opening experience. There were lows but mostly highs. There was lots to take in.

My course, HNC Early Education and Childcare, is almost finished. I have about two more things to do and then I'm done. Finished. Roll on the Summer holidays.

But I had a big thing to do before I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had to get an A in my Graded Unit. The course is a pass or a fail and only this one part of the course is graded. And it is the decider as to whether I can continue on to year 2 of my course. On my way to Bachelor of Arts in Early Education and Childhood Practice.

On Monday, we found out our grades. I knew where I was in terms of my grade because of how we handed in our reports but still, I wanted to be sure and I wasn't telling anyone until I had received my final paper back.

I got an A!

All my hard work paid off and I can safely say, it has been worth it just for that alone.

I made a vlog, talking about why I applied for college and what it has been like going back to education after a very long time away from it.

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