Thursday, 28 May 2015

Miss C Turns 6

My baby turns 6 today! I can't believe how big she is getting and how fast it is going!

Since her 5th birthday, Miss C has had a pretty busy year. She started school in August, enjoyed a pony camp in the Easter holidays and has come on leaps and bounds with her swimming lessons.

She has made lots of new friends at school but has found herself a best friend who she adores. It's so cute how excited she gets when she knows her bestie is coming for a play date. They are absolutely bonkers together and it is so fun to watch their friendship blossoming.

I wish I could have measured her at age 5 and then again at age 6 to see just how much she has grown. She definitely has grown a bit although she's still teeny and in age 4 clothing. We keep telling her she needs to eat up all her dinners so she can be tall enough for all the rides in Florida which seems to be working as motivation!

I made a video of photos and some video footage I have of Miss C from the last year which you can watch below. Music credit to One Direction as she loves them...I won't be offended if you mute the video though!

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