Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Spontaneous Sunday Afternoons

I love a spontaneous day out! Don't get me wrong, I love having plans to look forward to but there's something so fun about doing something completely off the cuff.

My friend text me asking me if we fancied going for lunch on Sunday. Not having any other plans after horse riding and before swimming lessons, we decided to book a lovely little restaurant in town. I was excited to go as we hadn't been in awhile and with two courses for £11, we knew we were on to a winner.

The restaurant wasn't too busy and as there were six of us, we were seated at a big table in the corner of the restaurant, kind of tucked away from everyone else. It was lovely! Miss C walked in and decided she wanted a chair with armrests, just to be different from everyone else, so we had to shuffle seats about.

The main menu read amazing but we all opted for something from the Sunday Roast menu. There were lots of lovely dishes to choose from. I opted for a Thai curry with rice, vegetables and prawns. Husband had a slowed cooked braised steak and our friends chose steak and beef. The kids decided they wanted to have a breast of chicken burger and fries.

The food took awhile to come out but we weren't in any rush and it gave us the chance to chat and catch up. The kids did pretty well waiting for their food. The waiter brought their food out as soon as it was ready and the kids were thrilled to see a mini pot of tomato sauce for their fries.

Our food followed shortly after and it was worth the wait. It was so good in fact, I forgot to take photos! I was just so hungry!

We all decided to have a pudding and chocolate fudge cake was a popular choice at the table. Again I forgot to take any photos of the food but did capture Miss C eating hers.

What a mess she was!

After clearing our plates (and Miss C), we chatted some more and Husband and one of our friends ordered some more wine. Another brilliant way to spend a Sunday afternoon...drinking wine. 

We went to lunch at 1.30pm and left at 4pm! We didn't feel rushed at all and it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon with the kids and good friends.

Of course, I was almost asleep in the spectator area for swimming lessons.

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