Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Week That Was #19

Last Sunday, we didn't get up until 10am! The weather was miserable outside and I was so glad I put the timer on the heating as it meant the house was lovely and cosy for us getting up. We spent the day lazing around, watching TV and playing a few of our favourite Orchard Toys games. We had to leave to go to swimming lessons which was a welcome break from the house as, thankfully, it had dried up by the time we needed to leave. After dinner, the kids watched a bit of TV before a later bed as it's a Bank Holiday Weekend.

On Monday, we didn't get up too early because it was the Bank Holiday. We had a lazy morning and we were so happy to see the sun back again that we arranged to go to the park with a friend and her son. We walked down after lunch and the kids had a great time exploring, walking, playing in the park and seeing the animals including some brand new guinea pigs. They were so cute! We headed home around 3.45 and the kids relaxed with their tablets whilst I made dinner. We had chicken and steak fajitas and they were yummy!

On Tuesday, it was an early rise for us all to get back in to the swing of college and school. At least it is only a 4 day week for the kids and a 2 day week for me as my placement is closed for voting. The weather was miserable again which was a real shame after such a lovely day yesterday. I managed to get away early from college and picked the kids up from school. I miss being able to do that every day. We came home, did the homework and then had baked potatoes for dinner. We don't have a microwave so they were done the traditional way and they tasted great!

On Wednesday, I dropped the kids off at school and headed to placement. It was a really quick day and thankfully the sun was shining in time for us all walking home. Miss C and I did her reading homework whilst Z read his Beano comic. After dinner, the kids went outside to play with Z's rugby ball. They had a great time chasing each other around the garden.

On Thursday, I had a day off placement as the school was being used a polling station. I dropped the kids off at school and then spent the day doing college work. It was draining but I was glad to get it done. Z went on a school trip to the local ski slopes and had a great time. Miss C got some new books at school which were all about horses! She was very excited to read them at bedtime.

On Friday, I dropped the kids off at school and went for my shopping. When I got home, I got on with some college work and then caught up on Hollyoaks before I had to pick the kids up from school. I also wrapped their birthday presents! After dinner, Husband bought us some ice cream which was yummy but made me so cold I had to go for a bath. Z went to his Friday club and Miss C decided she wanted to watch Frozen.

On Saturday, Husband took Z to Karate whilst I got on with my mountain pile of ironing. Miss C played with her toys. After lunch, the kids played outside with some friends whilst I enjoyed the sunshine and my book. After dinner we watched Homeward Bound 2.

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