Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Week That Was #20

Last Sunday, we were up early as Z was going to a First Communion at the local church. Husband took him a long as I took Miss C to horse riding. She decided to ride a different horse today called Teddy. He's Jocky's best friend and a bit older so he wasn't in to cantering much for her. After horse riding, we headed home to get ready to go to lunch with our friends. It was really lovely and yummy! By swimming lessons I was ready for a nap!

On Monday, it was back to school and college for us all. I handed in the final part of my graded unit! I've still work to do until the course finishes but I was glad to get the graded part out of the way. Now I just need to wait until next week to find out if I have the A I need to get on to year 2 of the course. I picked the kids up from a friend's house and we came home to have chili con carne for dinner. It was yummy!

On Tuesday, I felt awful in the morning so I took the day off college. I dropped the kids off at school and got on with some of my work at home. Thankfully we're near the end of the course with pretty much everything done so I knew I wouldn't be missing much by being off for the day. I picked the kids up after school and Miss C tried out a game I made for the children at school to help them with their number stories. We had a lovely chicken tikka masala for dinner, homemade by me and then we had an early night.

On Wednesday, it was placement day. I dropped the kids off at school and headed there. It was a busy day and I was glad of my cup of tea when I got home. The kids had fun playing outside on the trampoline together.

On Thursday, it was a lovely day. I put my washing machine on timer so that the washing would be ready to hang out when I got home. Sad the things I get excited over! Miss C was loving the sun but I think she went a little too far with the vests and shorts. It wasn't that warm!

On Friday, I dropped the kids off at school, did my shopping, finished some college work and then picked Miss C up from school. It was miserable! Z was off to his best friend's house for tea. Miss C and I came home and she decided she wanted to paint her nails and watch a movie. We watched Wall E in bed.

On Saturday, Husband took Z to Karate whilst Miss C played and I got on with my mountain of ironing. We had a pretty chilled out day, only popping out for a few errands. After dinner, we got in to our PJs and watched Britain's Got Talent.

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