Friday, 29 May 2015

What I've Been Wearing #10

A trip to a football game had me wondering what I was going to wear. I'm not a sporty person and I definitely didn't have the football shirt to go over a pair of jeans, so here's the look I decided to go with:

I just love the biker chick look. You really can't go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans and a long vest top. I actually prefer long vest tops over the short ones cause they hide my waist better. 

New Look is a favourite shop of mine for clothes. I can pick up a bargain with my student ID or in their sale racks which seem to be in-store constantly. The vest top I'm wearing cost me something like £3 which you can't argue with especially when they wash really well and hold their shape, wear after wear. It isn't too low cut either so I can hide my ladies!

New Look skinny jeans are great. They cost around £20 and if you buy the soft feel skinny jeans, they are actually pretty good quality for the cost. Fit wise, they do the job but of course, they aren't as good as the Jasper Conran skinny jeans I've owned before that really hold you in at the waist and gave a great shape to your legs and bum. But you can't argue with £20 really can't. 

I have a pretty love filled relationship with my Floozie French bags. I have a few now and this is one of my favourites. I love it so much that I tend to keep it hidden in the wardrobe with it only coming out for really, really special days. I love the colour and the little pom-poms and tassells attached to the zip. The lining inside is just beautiful. I feel like it needs to live in its own little clear dust bag and be on display somewhere. 

My Lipsy faux leather jacket has been hanging in my wardrobe alongside my bag since I got it. I've worn it a couple of times but sadly, the weather hasn't been good enough for me to wear it often. So when I saw the sun was out on Saturday I thought, what a great day to wear my jacket! 

My biker boots are from New Look and I think they work well with the skinny jeans and vest. I love them and wear them quite a lot. They are much easier to keep clean than my UGG boots. 

My make-up was from the Natural Collection range from Boots and I wore Honey by Marc Jacobs which I talk a bit more about in my vlog

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