Thursday, 25 June 2015

A Box of Socks - Book Review

The third book we chose to review from the books we recently received from Maverick Books is called A Box of Socks. It is written by Amanda Brandon and illustrated by Catalina Echeverri. This is the follow up to A Scarf and A Half and the second book in the Granny Mutton Yarn series.

Another animal story book so this was going to be popular with Miss C as soon as she saw it. I'm also really liking that Maverick Books are publishing book series as we like having a collection of books with our favourite characters in.

This is the story of Lionel lamb and his Granny Mutton who loves to knit. She has been knitting socks for all of Lionel's friends and he can't wait to take them to his friends. Granny Mutton has placed them all in a cardboard box with a lid and gives them to Lionel to deliver. All of the socks have been neatly paired and labelled so Lionel knows which pair belongs to who.

On the way to deliver the socks, Lionel crashes in to Rocky the sheep dog and the box bursts open. All of the socks fly out of the box and become mixed up as the labels blow away. Lionel has to try and find out which sock belongs to who.

This is another great picture book which we really enjoyed. The pictures are bright, colourful and fun and the book is really easy to read. Lionel is a bit of cheeky but lovable character.

For more information on this book or where to purchase, visit the Maverick Books website.

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