Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A Gold Star for George - Book Review

The second book we chose to review from Maverick Books is called A Gold Star for George and is the follow up to the Black and White Club written by Alice Hemming and illustrated by Kimberley Scott and is the second book the George the giraffe and friends series.

This was another hit with Miss C because it is a story about animals. She recognised the book immediately as being similar to the Black and White Club and remembered the lemurs and penguins who were featured in the first book.

In this book, George the giraffe and all of the other animals in the zoo are very excited that the Heavenly Hippo Gold Star Awards are going to be given out and George wonders if he'll win one of the prestigious titles. There are lots of different categories and George hopes that he will get a gold star to display in his home for one of them. When he doesn't win as the awards are announced, George congratulates his friends and even helps his best friend, Seymour the lemur, to win the tidiest animal award.

George goes to sleep after all the awards have been given out feeling a bit sad that he didn't win anything but when he wakes in the morning, there is a big surprise for him.

This is a great story to encourage being kind towards others and being happy for friends even if you really wanted that something for yourself. The book is really easy to read and follow and is really colourful and fun.

For more information on this book and where to purchase it from, visit the Maverick Books website.

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