Monday, 1 June 2015

A Letter to my Eight Year Old

Dear Z,

Today you are 8 years old. You are the last of your friends to turn 8 which is strange because most of them are either 9 or about to turn 9. Not that them being a whole year older than you makes a difference to you or to them. When we see you all together, there isn't any clue that you are the youngest in your group...not even by height difference because you have taken a stretch and are taller than some of them now.

Last August, when we made the decision to move you up at year at school, we were worried about you being the youngest in your year. You were one of the oldest in your "proper" year group but we need not have worried about the age thing. Even the educational psychologist who observes you in class says you are one of the most mature children in your year.

You still love to learn but you have developed a passion for football. You love watching the game and playing the game with your friends. You can talk about every single world cup and you know the names of most of the players on every football team in the world. Your favourite player is Messi although you also quite like Ronaldo too.

As a friend, you are a loyal boy and you make sure your friends are OK whenever they are upset. You really are so incredibly mature emotionally for your age. One of your friends was upset recently and when I asked you what was wrong with them you said, "I'm not sure. I asked but he didn't want to talk about it which is fine because sometimes we don't want to talk about how we are feeling until we are ready!"

You and your sister have a great relationship, most of the time anyway! You don't half like to wind her up which gets you in trouble with your Dad a lot. When you do get on though, you are both so sweet to each other and I know you look out for your sister all the time, especially in school.

This next year is going to be amazing for you, I just know it. You can't wait to go to Florida but I think you are most excited about going in to Primary 5. That's scary for me because it means you only have two years instead of three years before you start secondary. I've no doubt you will cope brilliantly though. You always do.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and an equally wonderful year being 8.

We love you lots and lots!

All my love, forever and always,

Mum xxx+o

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