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Frankie & Benny's New Pronto & Kids Menu - Review

Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of Frankie & Benny's but only because we have a local Italian restaurant that is miles better than our local Frankie & Benny's and given the choice, I would always want to go there. However, what I do like about Frankie & Benny's is the kids love it in there and the food has always been pretty good when we've been before, either to our local or a bit of a drive away at the local shopping centres. The kids also love the birthday song they play whenever it is someones birthday in the restaurant.

We were asked if we'd like to review the new menus launched in April; the pronto menu and the kids menu. We headed along on Friday for Miss C's birthday along with her best friend, Z and Husband.

We had pre-booked our table for 5.30pm which meant we were able to order from the menus offering main courses from £5.95 up to £7.95 and starters and desserts for £2.50 each. There was a good selection of meals to choose from which I was really pleased about because usually these meal deals don't have the biggest selection.

The kids already knew what they wanted but as they hadn't been in since the new menu came out, I went over it with them. There are 2 parts to the kids menu; a £4.95 menu with a small selection of main meals for smaller children and a £7.75 junior menu aimed at children with a bigger appetite. They also offer organic baby dishes for even younger diners. The first thing I noticed was the price increase as I seem to remember it was around £3.95 for the smaller menu. I could be wrong there though! However there are definitely more dishes and more variety on the menu which is great value for the price.

The kids chose spaghetti bolognaise (Miss C), penne pasta with cheese sauce (Miss L) and a plain hamburger and fries (Z). Each dish comes with the optional extra of a side salad, vegetables or Heinz baked beans. Included in the price of the kids menu is a refillable soft drink and a dessert. Also new to the menu is the ice cream candy shop which costs an additional £1.95. Kids get to create their own ice cream dish with two scoops of ice cream, sweets and a jug of chocolate sauce.

Husband went for the pulled pork burger and I chose the spaghetti carbonara. I'm not keen on burgers or sandwiches but if you love these kind of dishes then Frankie & Benny's have an excellent selection. Most dishes are served with your choice of fries, salad or mash potatoes and some have other added extras like onion rings or coleslaw.

The food arrived fairly quickly and it was all rather lovely looking. It was all hot and quite generous  in portion size too.

The kids gobbled up their food with Miss L finishing first. They hardly said a word throughout the meal which goes to show they really were enjoying their meal. We added in a side order of garlic pizza bread which they devoured too.

My carbonara was rather lovely and almost as good as the Italian we usually go to. It was well cooked, well seasoned and not too heavy like some carbonaras can be. I had a side order of fries and for £6.95, I thought it was a rather generous portion. Husband really enjoyed his pulled pork burger which was around £12 but again, the portion was really good and it's a dish he really loves but doesn't get to eat very often. If you can treat yourself when you go out for dinner, when can you treat yourself?!

The kids all chose the brownie sundae as their pudding however they were a little disappointed to see that the waffles were no longer available. Again, I'm fairly sure they were on the kids menu before unless they ordered them off the main menu with their Gran (!) Frankie & Benny's are known for their yummy waffle desserts so I think it would have been good to keep it on the kids menu or get it added if it wasn't on there before. Anyway, the kids gobbled up their pudding and Miss C was super excited when hers came out with a candle in it and they played the birthday song for her. Before we could take a picture, she had blown out the candle, removed it and started making good work of eating all of the chocolate brownie up.

For pudding I ordered the Eton mess from the main dessert menu which was really delicious. Definitely one of my favourite puddings! Husband ordered the cinnamon waffle for £2.50 and he was delighted to see that it was equally as generous as the pudding is when you order it from the main menu.

The total of our bill came to £49.30 which included a beer for Husband and a blackcurrant squash for myself. I thought that was excellent value for a main meal and pudding for 5 of us on a Friday evening. The service was great too.

Overall we were really impressed with the selections on the new kids menu and I know that if we go back, the kids will have plenty of choice. It's also really worth it if you can get in before 6.30pm during the week to benefit from the cheaper menu dishes.

We were sent vouchers for Frankie & Benny's to put towards the cost of a meal. The opinions expressed are my own. 

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