Thursday, 11 June 2015

House of Fraser Kids Clothing - Review

I love finding new brands of kids clothing for Z and Miss C to wear. Price wise, I don't want to spend lots and lots of money on their clothes however I also don't mind paying a bit extra to ensure what they wear is good quality and durable.

House of Fraser asked me if I'd like to choose some items from their kids clothing range to review and I said yes please! I chose a couple of items for Z and a couple for Miss C with the theme: travelling long haul and feeling comfortable. The website was really easy to navigate and search for what I wanted because everything is categorised. I made a vlog of our review which you can watch on my YouTube channel.

For Miss C I chose a lovely t-shirt from the Mango Kids Basics range. It cost £4.99. It has a really pretty dragonfly motif on the front with patches of glitter and it's a t-shirt that Miss C would pick out for herself in a shop. I love the colour; a sort of lilac-blue colour. It's 100% cotton so it feels nice and soft. To go with the t-shirt I chose a pair of grey jogging trousers, also from the Mango Kids Basics range. These were priced at £7.99. I love that they have cuffed bottoms so they easily tuck in to wellies and stop a draft going up the leg. These will be great for days at the horses too. These are 92% cotton and feel really comfortable.

Both of Miss C's items are in an age 5-6 and they fit her pretty well but she still has some give, especially with the trousers so these will definitely last her awhile.

For Z I chose a t-shirt with an American flag print from the Mango Kids range. It cost £5.99 and is also 100% cotton. Z loves t-shirts with a print on them and he can't wait to wear it on the plane to Florida. To go with the t-shirt I chose a navy pair of jogging trousers from the Little Criminals range. These were in the clearance section and were reduced from £24.00 to £9.00. These are a polyester/cotton mix but they feel really soft and are a fleecy material inside the trouser leg. Again, the cuffed bottoms are ideal for winter as it saves us trying to tuck trousers in to socks before putting wellies on.

Z's trousers needed to be rolled up at the waist because they were a bit loose on him at the waist. Z is tall and slim so he needs trousers that are a bit bigger in the leg but adjustable at the waist. The t-shirt fits him really well. Both of these items are an age 7-8.

All of these items washed well at 30°C and, because it is too nice to tumble dry, I didn't check how they fair in there but they can all be tumble dried if needed.

Overall I'm really happy with the clothing we received and I would definitely look at ordering more items from the Mango Kids range as Mango was one of my favourite shops as a teen.

We received these items from House of Fraser for the purposes of a review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

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