Wednesday, 17 June 2015

It's Move Up Day

I'm feeling a bit nervous this morning as today is move up day at school. What this means is the kids move to their new class for the day and spend it with their new teacher and, potentially, new classmates. I've sent the kids off to school, wishing them good luck for when they find out where they'll be going for the next academic year.

This is an exciting time for the children but as they get older, I think they start to feel nervous about it in case they get separated from their friends. Miss C is really excited and I know she's hoping she's in the same class as her best friend but I don't think she'll be too upset if she isn't as she sees her in the playground and they have regular play dates.

Z doesn't seem to bothered about where he goes so long as he's with his best friend. They are in the same class just now and they are in the same groups for literacy and maths so if they look at the children and the classes based on ability, they should be together. Fingers crossed.

I'm feeling really nervous for Z though. After the battle of having him moved up a year last year, I dread what they might decide to do with him. Academically, Z is top of the year group despite being a full year younger than most of the children in his class. I'm hoping they don't place him in a composite class again. Firstly, he's already done two composite classes and I have seen such a huge growth in him since he's done a straight class this year. Secondly, I've found that the composite classes don't get the same opportunities as the straight classes. For example, when it comes to topics. The composite classes generally don't get a huge topic whilst the straight classes do. The composite classes don't tend to do languages and they are often split up to go to different classes to do things like Maths. I don't want Z to miss out especially since he's been doing so well this year.

I'll find out at 3pm when I pick the kids up. It's a nervous and anxious wait. I just hope they are both happy with their new class and I'll be glad it's all over until next year!

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