Sunday, 28 June 2015

Learning to Ride A Bike

Miss C. The girl who gets on a horse and has no qualms about cantering on the beast without holding on to her saddle has always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with her bike. Every year since she was 3, Husband has taken her stabilisers off her bike, like she asked, and tried to get her to ride her bike herself. She would try and then give up cause she just wasn't ready.

Yesterday, whilst out playing on her bike, a little girl asked her how old she was. She replied six. The little girl then said to her "why do you still have stabilisers on your bike then?" 

When she told me I thought that was a bit rude but then again, children just ask what's on their mind sometimes and they don't mean anything by it other than to question something. It hit a nerve with Miss C though as she immediately asked me to take her stabilisers off. I told her she'd have to wait until her Daddy got back from the gym as I had no idea what tools to use to get the stabilisers off. 

After lunch, she went outside with her bike and her Daddy and they practised on the grass. It's harder to learn on the grass but it's safer than the pavement. At first she couldn't get the hang of it and came in to the house upset. I told her to keep trying as she would soon get the hang of it. Practise makes perfect!

She decided to give it another go and, well I made a little video of her. 

She was so pleased with herself that she managed to pedal for as long. She still has to get the hang of riding whilst steering but I think she's taken a big step given that she wouldn't even entertain doing this last year or the year before. 

Every child is different. They do things in their own time. But just because it takes them a little longer than others doesn't mean that the moment is any less special. 

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