Friday, 26 June 2015

Pirates Don't Drive Diggers - Book Review

The last book for us to review from Maverick Books is called Pirates Don't Drive Diggers and is written by Alex English and illustrated by Duncan Beedie. Alex English also wrote the book Yuck! said the Yak which we reviewed awhile ago. This book is written in rhyme which is one of our favourite kind of books to read.

This is the story of a young pirate called Brad. He drives of working in construction and getting to use a digger all day. His pirate dad, however, has other plans and wants him to follow in his path and join the pirate crew.

In order to join the crew, Brad has to take part in a few challenges all of which he fails at miserably. When steering the ship, he mixes up his East and West and he manages to drop a cannonball. The captain decides to give Brad one last chance to become a member of the crew but if he fails, he will have to walk the plank.

Brad sets off to find some buried treasure. He finds the X that marks the spot but his spade breaks meaning he can't dig up the ground. Brad spots a construction site nearby and realises that his dream of using a digger could just become a reality.

This is a really fun book which we really enjoyed reading. It has really fun, lively illustrations and it is easy to follow. The rhymes all flow really well.

For more information on this book or where to purchase, visit the Maverick Books website.

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