Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Birthdays are Over...For Another Year

The last of the cake was eaten on Tuesday and the box and cake plate were discarded in the bin. The cards came down and the presents are still piled in each room, like people waiting to get on a train to their new home...they'll get there eventually. Trains don't pass often here.

The birthdays are over for another year. The kids both did very well and, although that isn't what birthdays are all about, they are always delighted to have lots of lovely gifts from friends and family to open. Or money to spend. They do like the money!

Miss C's birthday was spent with her best friend, Miss L. Gosh these girls are so cute together. We went to Frankie & Benny's for our dinner which was rather good. You can read our review here.

After dinner it was time for the sleepover. I put the air bed up in the living room for them and tucked them in to watch Peter Pan. I would have chosen a Princess movie but that's what they wanted. They had cake in bed and cuddled together to fall asleep. They didn't go to sleep until 11pm as they were too busy chatting! They were up early too! And with Miss L's party to attend that afternoon, I was hoping Miss C would have a pre-party nap (apparently these are called a disco nap) but she didn't.

Z's birthday was spent with two of his friends. Unfortunately his best friend was away so he couldn't make the sleepover but the boys had a great time playing football, playing in the park and eating lots of sweets. They didn't fancy a film so they played Xbox and went to bed around 9pm. They also chatted until almost 11pm. It was a good job I went to bed early!

So many people came to visit the kids and they loved seeing everyone!

I made a vlog of the present stashes they got. Hopefully it will give others some gift inspiration cause I always find it quite hard to choose presents for them and for others. You can watch it below.

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