Sunday, 21 June 2015

What it Means to be A Father

I can't tell you what it means to be a father from a father's perspective because I am a mother...and I'm not a male. However I can tell you what it means to be a father from watching my children with their dad.

It's a beautiful relationship to watch. The bonds they share with their dad are just as strong as the bond they share with me, their mummy, who carried them for 9 months and felt those first flutters that turned in to kicks. The bond is just different.

For Z, his dad is someone to look up to. He loves sharing his interests with his dad and gets excited when his dad shows an interest in what he is doing. That can be hard sometimes if it is Minecraft related as he talks about it constantly. Yet his dad is there, listening and nodding along even though he's going insane. His dad taught him how to swim, how to kick a ball, how to ride his to do his hair! Z shares a love of Karate with his dad and he really enjoys going over the katas with Husband. I'm surprised Husband remembers them all but he does and he takes his time showing Z the correct moves and encouraging him to be stronger or quicker or slicker.

Miss C has her dad wrapped around her finger. Their relationship is amazing. She loves to give him cuddles and kisses which he gladly accepts. They giggle a lot together. Miss C is still a Mummy's girl but there are certain times when only Daddy will do and she lets him know. She also has cottoned on that she can probably get away with more when her Daddy is around than when I'm around but I guess that's the prerogative of every daughter/daddy relationship. He helps her do her hair and nails...all the really unmanly tasks involved with being a father are taken on without complaint. I think he quite enjoys them actually.

My husband is a great father. Of course, like myself and every parent out there, sometimes his patience is pushed to the limit but the care, love and attention he dedicates to his children every single day completely out-numbers those times.

I see him with the kids and the love just oozes from him. He is a proud father. He is a happy father. He is a completely and utterly in love with his children unconditionally father.

And I am so proud of the father he is.

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