Monday, 1 June 2015

Z Turns 8

My boy, my first born, is 8 years old today! I've been a Mummy for 8 whole years!

Z is such a great little boy. Of course, like any child, he has his moments but overall, he is a really good kid. He's polite and friendly and I don't ever have to worry about how he behaves when he is out with friends or in school. His teacher adores him and always have such wonderful things to say about him.

I made a video of Z's last year with some photos and video footage, just as I did for Miss C. The thing I notice about Z in this video is his face has changed over the year. Not dramatically but he's definitely not got any more of that puppy fat kids have when they are small. I think having his adult teeth changes his face as well.

You can watch the video below. The music credit is Taio Cruz's song "I Can Be". There's a line in the song, "the prettiest things can come out of the coldest nights" which I feel is very fitting of Z. Before I fell pregnant with Z, I lost a baby. It was a horrible thing to experience but we got our amazing, brilliant and gorgeous boy from it.

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