Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Funny Things My Kids Say #40

We were walking to our local leisure centre to go swimming yesterday and to get there, we usually walk through our little high street. It really is quite small with a handful of OK shops and a gazillion charity shops.

As we walked on to the high street, Miss C started spotting Minions in the card shops in the forms of balloons, cards, pictures and various other items. She turned to Z and said, "look at all these Minions! There's loads of them!"

We carried on walking down the high street with people walking towards us and I spotted a lady wearing a Minions t-shirt. Miss C also spotted the t-shirt.

"Minions!" said Miss C in a, not so quite voice. The lady heard her and as she got closer, Miss C said,  in a rather exasperated tone, "these Minions are everywhere!"

Thankfully the lady laughed.

She does have a point though. These Minions are everywhere just now!

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