Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Grabbing a Bargain at the Next Sale

As you may know, I am a huge fan of the Next sale. I adore their children's clothing, especially for Miss C, and I always stock up on as much as I can in the Summer and Winter sales.

A few weekends ago, despite the rain and wind, I was up at 4am and raring to get to my local store. I arrived around 4.15am and I was pretty much at the door. I'm glad I arrived when I did as shortly after and right up until 5am, the queue had grown substantially. In fact, when I was in store, grabbing my bargains, they stopped letting people in as the shop would have been too congested.

Not only did I get up early and head to my local store, I went to a bigger store in the afternoon with Miss C. It wasn't as successful as my first trip. Actually, this is one of my least successful trips to a Next sale ever. Usually I get quite a lot for both of the kids but there just wasn't a lot of things in Z's age.

Never mind, better luck at Christmas!

I made a video of everything I picked up which you can watch below.

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