Monday, 6 July 2015

How we Keep Cool on Hot Days!

It's inevitable that as soon as the sun is out, everyone wants to get out and enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts. We are really lucky to live close to some gorgeous beaches and parks but very rarely do I venture to them when it is as hot as it was last week. They end up so busy! You can't get parked for starters and then trying to find somewhere to set up camp for the day is almost impossible.

We prefer to enjoy the sunshine in our back garden. It isn't a huge garden but it's a garden of our own and there is space for a trampoline, an 8 foot pool and a couple of sun-loungers.

I love the sun and will quite happily sit out in it all day. I don't mind the heat at all but I don't like the kids to spend all day in it even though they seem to have developed a love for the sunshine just like their Mum and Dad. Z especially loves to lie on the sun-loungers and sunbathe. It's really good for his eczema as the sun seems to clear it up quite quickly.

Friday was a beautiful day and we spent it in the garden, having lots of fun. I made a video of how we like to keep cool on hot days which you can watch below.

What have you been doing to keep yourself cool in the sunshine?

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