Saturday, 11 July 2015

Ladybirds and Bike Rides

After what seemed like months and months of stop start sunshine, finally, we're enjoying more frequent visits and with that brings more outdoor fun.

Tuesday was a beautiful day. It was bit windy which made it the perfect washing/drying day but the sun was shining and we decided we wanted to get outside and have a bike ride.

The kids cycled ahead whilst I walked behind them, keeping an eye on them as they cycled down to the pitch where there is plenty of room to cycle without having to avoid people or trees.

Miss C has become so confident on her bike in just a week that it's safe to say she's cracked riding a bike with no stabilisers. Z is trying to master riding his bike with no hands. Boys will be boys!

Whilst riding around, Miss C noticed a ladybird on the ground and so began a mission to rescue the ladybird so it wouldn't get squashed under their tyres. I think they ended up rescuing 4 or 5 ladybirds.

Here's a video I made of our little adventure.

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