Monday, 27 July 2015

Most Determined Player

Z has always enjoyed practising his football skills in the garden and has a real passion for watching and playing football. When we took him to see his first football match, he had a brilliant day.

The opportunity came up for Z to attend a football camp for half the regular price so we decided to book him in and not tell him until a few days before. When we told him, he was so excited. His face lit up and he ran outside to start practising.

On his first day, he was feeling nervous but excited. Z has always been good at talking to other children and making new friends so I wasn't worried about him going somewhere where he probably wouldn't know anyone. 

When we arrived at the venue, Z stared at the pitches and kept saying he couldn't wait to get on to one and start practising and playing. 

The camp started at 10am and finished at 3pm, so it was a long day for him. We picked him up after his first day and he was shattered but he was in great spirits and couldn't wait to get back the following day. 

Every day for the rest of the week, he was enthusiastic and worked hard to improve his skills. A lot of the boys there play for the young players team so they were really good but that didn't phase Z. He saw it as an opportunity to learn from them and whenever we arrived early to watch the last 10 minutes of a match, he was running around, trying to tackle and score a goal. He would shout over to us to tell us how many goals he had managed to score that day! His biggest score was 7!

On the last day, they had a small award ceremony. All of the children received a certificate for something different and Z received his for Most Determined Player of the Week. He was really chuffed and so were we. It's great to see that he has the determination to keep trying even with there being children there with greater skill and more experience than him. It didn't phase him. He didn't give up when it got to hard. He kept going and this had clearly been seen by his coaches. 

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