Friday, 10 July 2015

My School Uniform Checklist

Whilst the south of the country may not have broken up for summer holidays as of yet, up here in Scotland, we've been on holidays now for two weeks. As much as I don't really want to think about going back to school and doing the school run again, I have been mega organised and I have bought the school uniform already. The only thing I have left to get are the school shoes and the gym shoes.

Why have I bought everything so early? Well, I have found in the past, that, if you leave it to later on in the holidays, most places run out of the stuff you need. Sizes, styles or colours aren't always replenished as quickly as they probably should be. So I always buy either before or as soon as the summer holidays start. This is also the time where retailers tend to offer discounts on school uniform, such as Marks & Spencers who offer 20% off school uniform over a certain period.

I made a video of what I bought for the kids and included some tips on what sort of things to buy and tips to make things like gym days easier for you and easier for the kids...and the teachers.

I also made a quick checklist of things I think you'll need for your child if they are starting school this year. It is so confusing and overwhelming when you start to buy uniform so I hope this list helps a bit. This is just from my own experience and, of course, different schools may have different uniform policy.

Quantity wise really depends on you and how often you will be washing the uniform in the week. I tend to buy 3 pairs of trousers and 3 pinafores, 3 jumpers and 3 cardigans, 4 polo-shirts each, 2 white shirts each, 2 pairs of gym shorts each, a 7 packs of pants each, 5 pairs of socks each and 3 pairs of tights for Miss C. I also buy Miss C 2 packs of vests which generally come with 3 in a pack.

Luckily our school doesn't make it a requirement for the children to wear a jumper with the school badge on it. However, if yours do, check beforehand whether you can just buy the badge and have it sewn on to a jumper from a high street store or supermarket as this will save you a bit of money over buying the school jumper either from the school or a specialist shop.

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