Monday, 20 July 2015

Storage Solutions for Kids Rooms

As soon as you have a baby, you need an abundance of stuff. Nappies, baby clothes, muslin cloths, a changing mat, a crib, a baby chair or swing...the list seems never ending. You'd think as your baby grows in to a toddler and then in to a child, you'd need less stuff but the reality is, the bigger they grow, the bigger the pile of stuff gets. In the blink of an eye, your house has been overtaken by toys, books, clothes and games. Not only is the amount of stuff overwhelming, creating order and containing the stuff can be pretty hard too. Toys seem to appear in the corners of rooms you often forget to hoover. Lego pieces seem to be strategically placed in the hall after you go to bed for you to step on in the night on route to the toilet. Bits of jigsaw or games seem to vanish and reappear in the most random of places, after you've declared the jigsaw or game unusable because a piece or two has gone missing.

I like to keep my living room free from stuff that belongs to the kids. I still want it to be a room we can all enjoy as a family but we agreed that once we had decorated the kids rooms how we wanted them, all toys and games would make a permanent move to their bedrooms.

In order to contain their things and keep some order about their rooms, we had to look at different types of storage for kids rooms and Tesco online was one of the first places I looked. They have a great selection of practical and affordable storage solutions whether it's plastic containers, under the bed storage boxes or the plastic flexi tubs with handles. These are all fantastic ways to store toys, books, games, shoes or clothes in the kids rooms.

Miss C has 3 plastic storage boxes which are around 45L. They come with lids but for her soft toys, I kept the lid off as it meant she could store even more of them in there and free up her bed space. Her dolls and animal toys are stored across the other two boxes with lids. They can easily be lifted out of her double wardrobe for her to play with in her room as and when she wants and then put back when she has finished with them.

Z also has a few plastic storage boxes which house his massive Lego collection and his Star Wars toys. They are stacked away in his wardrobe until he wants to play with them He also has under the bed storage in the form of three drawers. These slot under his bed and are easily pulled out using the handles. He keeps his games and Xbox 360 stuff in them.

Storage solutions aren't just great space savers, they are also great for keeping their rooms tidy and their toys in a place so they don't have to shout after me to find things for them!

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