Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Moments They'll Remember

We're half way through our summer holidays and they have been wonderful. I'm enjoying the time off with the kids and not having to rush to get to school or college.

Sadly, the weather hasn't improved much and we're only getting a day of sunshine here and there. We took a trip to the park on one of those "rare" days. The kids decided they wanted to ride their bikes to the park which meant I would have to run beside them. Not that I minded. It was a good way to tick exercise for that day off my list of things to do.

We are lucky to live near quite a few parks and greenery and the kids love to go to the park. At home, if they could get away with it, they'd sit and play the Xbox or their tablets all day and show little enthusiasm for anything else. That's until I mention going to the park. I used to go all the time when they were little but with them being at school, we don't get to go very often. The novelty of a swing or a slide or feeding the ducks hasn't worn off for my two.

The park was surprisingly quiet for it being such a nice day but we didn't mind. It meant they could get on everything they wanted to without waiting. They decided to ride their bikes around the little course. Miss C is so confident on her bike now, she was quite happy to cycle up and down the hills.

After the bike course, they headed over to the swings. Z used to hate the swings but he's back to enjoying them again. They both shout for me to push them higher and higher.

I love Miss C's outfit. It's all from Next and the peach coloured skinny jeans are so summery and cheery. I think the colour really suits her skin tone and hair colour.

After the swings, it was on to the see-saw, which didn't do much seeing or sawing. Z decided to stand up and jump (boys will be boys) to get it to go up and down for Miss C. Eventually they asked me to sit on one end so it would go down...cheeky monkeys!

Miss C loves the zip slide. Apart from the swings, it is her favourite part of the park. She loves it even more now she can jump on to the seat herself. 

These are the days that I'm sure they'll remember when they are older with fondness. I know I remember our days outdoors, running through the fields, climbing the hay bales and playing at the beach. I hope the weather improves a bit before they go back to school so we can enjoy more days like these. 

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