Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Week That Was #29

Last Sunday, Husband got up with the kids and brought me a cup of tea in bed, even though he'd been out the night before and didn't get in until after 1am! We had a quick lunch and then headed to the local shopping centre to but new trainers for Z and Miss C to wear in Florida and to treat them to something after doing so well on their end of school year reports. Miss C chose a very cute elephant from Build-a-Bear and Z chose a remote controlled Lamborghini. We managed to pick up two pairs of Nike Runners for under £40 which was a real bargain!

On Monday, we had an early lunch and then walked down to the leisure centre to go swimming. The rain was spitting but we still walked down as we're trying to prepare the kids for the amount of walking we will be doing in Florida. I've heard people have clocked up over 30000 steps in a day there! They wore their new trainers so they can break them in and I'm pleased to report that their feet weren't sore or blistered from the walk. We had a lot of fun at swimming as the fun swim was on. Husband came along too before he left to go back to bed for his night shift. We walked home and changed in to our jammies to watch a film; Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Wererabbit.

On Tuesday, Husband was home before I woke up so he took the kids down for breakfast to give me a lie in. After lunch, we did some homework and then headed out for a bike ride. We did some colouring in and the kids played on the trampoline before dinner. More fun was had outside after dinner until bedtime. We had to rescue a bee from the swimming pool! His wings were soaking so he took some time to dry off!

On Wednesday, it was our anniversary. We didn't buy each other gifts this year as we want to treat ourselves to something special whilst on holiday in Florida which includes a really good steak dinner, cocktails and maybe a special piece of jewellery. We'll have a special dinner at the weekend to celebrate too. The kids spent most of the day outside, playing on their bikes and playing with my neighbour's grandson. I watched from my window whilst I did the ironing. It was a really lovely day and they were definitely ready for bed come bedtime.

On Thursday, the kids and I headed to the leisure centre to go swimming again. They are really enjoying the fun swim although it does get really busy and we don't really get the chance to do any proper swimming. Z loves the "wipeout" style assault course though and goes on and off it himself. When we got home, we were knackered as we walked to and from the leisure centre. We watched Toy Story before dinner and then had an early night as we were all shattered.

On Friday, the kids and I headed to Asda to get our shopping and they helped me put it away when we got home. After lunch, the kids played a little bit of Minecraft and we took my neighbour's dog out for a walk. We had pizza for dinner and enjoyed Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream for pudding. Miss C lost her second tooth!

On Saturday, I was up at 4am to head to the Next sale to pick up some bargains. When I got home, I had to wake Husband as the guttering along the back of the house had collapsed. The wind had caught it and pulled it off. Husband spent the day replacing all the wood underneath, cleaning all the guttering and PVC facings and refitting them to the house. He did a great job! It's so handy having a handy Husband who knows how to do these things. Miss C and I went to the local shopping centre to have one of her Build-a-Bears stitched back up and we treated ourselves to some cupcakes for after dinner.

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