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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Enjoying the Quiet and Missing the Noise

With the kids returning to school two weeks ago and college not due to restart until September 3rd meant I had a lot of hours to myself. The kids were off to school for 9am and I didn't have to leave the house until 2.50pm to collect them. Almost 6 hours child free, every day of the week?! Think of all the things you could get done. All the work you could do. The cleaning and cooking.

I was looking forward to the time to myself. Husband was working so I had the full house to myself. Well, apart from the cats but they don't require much attention.

I got lots of blog work done and videos filmed for my YouTube channel. I did some sorting of clothes and books and stuff we no longer need.

I enjoyed countless hot cups of tea and coffee and croissants, fresh from the oven.

It was bliss.

For a few days anyway.

Then it got a bit boring. I found myself counting down the minutes until 2.50, when I could finally leave the house to get the kids. I missed them being around. The house was too quiet, even with me blasting music in the kitchen and dancing around without a care in the world.

I know that come Thursday when I'm back at college I'll be wishing I was still off and enjoying all the free time but I do miss not seeing the kids all day.

Isn't it funny how you wish for some quiet time and you end up missing the noise?

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