Saturday, 15 August 2015

Hiding in a Bush

Sometimes it can be hard to get the kids excited about walking anywhere. They aren't lazy and will actually walk for miles; it's just the idea of doing it that can be met with protests. On Wednesday, the first dry day we had in what felt like ages, we took a walk to the library. We had books to return and we wanted some new books to read.

At first, the kids weren't keen but as soon as we stepped out on to the path on the other side of our fence, they were off. Z was running. Miss C was skipping.

They have good road sense now. I can let them run ahead and know that they will wait for me before crossing any road. I remember one time Z decided to just cross a road near our home and his sister followed him and I nearly died of shock. After a stern talking to and a time out, they never did it again. They also know the ways to get to places now. Having said that, I still won't let them walk to school alone, even if it is only 10 minutes away.

To get to the library, we have to walk through the park. It always looks so beautiful when the trees are green and full.

The walk through the park is great for the kids as there aren't any roads to cross or places to have to wait for me to catch up. They just run. They weave in and out of the trees, across the grass and often, they'll hide in the bushes.

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